Fields Status


Please click the button, to be redirected to the City of Mississauga field status web page. The city determines whether our fields are open or closed. See “Springfield” diamonds for the status of our game fields


Erindale Little League does its best to eliminate unnecessary travel due to poor weather, but it is not a perfect science. Weather is often unpredictable. It is critical that players, coaches and umpires go to scheduled games unless otherwise notified. On game days, here is how decision making unfolds:


On game day, the City of Mississauga may choose to revoke Erindale Little League’s field permits up until 4 p.m. This typically occurs due to unplayable field conditions as a result of previous or current weather. The city may also decide to close all fields at 4pm when this happens,  Erindale Little League will provide immediate notice to all participants that games are cancelled.

If this does not happen, Erindale’s Vice President of Baseball will continue to monitor weather and will send out a notification to all participants as late as 1 hour before game time if it is determined that game cancellation is warranted. If a rain event has occurred, this often means we are out surveying field conditions, so please be patient for this messaging.

This may be due to excessive rain on fields, thunderstorms,  extreme heat or smoke.  Note that if no message is received from Erindale Little League, players, coaches and umpires , all players should plan to attend their regularly scheduled game.


Once at the diamond, it is at the discretion of the umpires to cancel the game if they feel the field is not safe, or to delay/cancel if there is thunder and lightning.  


During the game, coaches and umpires will collectively decide on the safety of the field and weather conditions and may choose to stop the game at any time. If present, umpire(s) will make the final decision.


Erindale Little League follows Environment Canada guidelines with respect to lightning and thunder safety:

1. Take shelter immediately if you can hear thunder or see lightning. If you cannot find a sturdy, fully enclosed building with wiring and plumbing, get into a metal-roofed vehicle.

2. Wait 30 minutes after the last lightning and rumble of thunder before leaving shelter. Half of all lightning deaths occur after the storm passes. Stay in a safe area until you are sure the threat has passed.

Coaches/Umpires: please use Environment Canada’s Canadian Lightning Danger Map to help guide the decision of proceeding with or cancelling practices/games. This map shows red areas that are most at risk of having lightning strike the ground in the next 10 minutes.


Games are not automatically cancelled due to extreme heat; however, extra water and rest breaks will be implemented by Coaches.  If both Coaches and all Umpires collectively decide it is too hot to play, games will be canceled and potentially rescheduled for a later date.

Please note that similar steps are taken when dealing with extreme heat and / or smoke and you will be notified as soon as possible.